Programming Jargon Dictionary

Wonderful jargonisms from StackOverflow by bsstahl.
  • Automanually
    Used to refer to a batch job or application that should be scheduled or triggered automatically, but due to unspecified reasons requires manual intervention every time. (not the same as automagically)
  • Boolean Zen
    The proper practice of using boolean expressions directly without testing for equality to true or false.
  • Common Law Feature
    A bug in the application that has existed for so long that it is now part of the expected functionality.
  • Disaster Driven Development
    When Your PMs and salesmen promised that You will build a "space shuttle" in one month.
  • Egyptian Brackets
    Describes the god-awful c-style where curly-braces are not aligned.
  • Heisenbugwkp
    An oldie, but still valuable…describes a bug that disappears or changes when put under scrutiny.
  • Higgs-Bugson
    A hypothetical bug predicted to exist based on a small number of possibly related event log entries and other anecdotal evidence.
  • Hindenbugwkp
    A catastrophic, data destroying bug.
  • Jimmy
    A generalized name for a low-level developer (n00b).
  • Nopping
    From the assembler instruction NOP (no operation). Similar to nap but doesn’t imply sleep, just zoning out.
  • Object Oriented Pasta
    Used to describe spaghetti code wrapped in classes to make it look like an object.
  • Perl-Grade Obfuscation
    The highest level of code obfuscation possible. Better than passing code through a 1-way hash function.
  • Refuctoring
    The process of taking a well-designed piece of code and, through a series of small, reversible changes, making it completely unmaintainable by anyone except yourself.
  • Rubberducking
    The process of talking your own way through a problem, as if talking to a rubber duck.
  • Scar Tissue
    Any code that is commented out but still included in the current and/or checked-in version.
  • Smurf Naming Convention
    When almost every class has the same prefix. IE, when a user clicks on the button, a SmurfAccountView passes a SmurfAccountDTO to the SmurfAccountController. The SmurfID is used to fetch a SmurfOrderHistory which is passed to the SmurfHistoryMatch…
  • Stringly Typed
    One of the antitheses of strongly typed. It describes an implementation that uses strings where more strongly-type options are available.
  • Try, Catch, Forget
    An empty catch block, no tracing, not even a comment. No attempt to resolve the error and of course the catch block is not at all specific on the exception type.


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